Top 10 Sensory Things I ❤ this Spring

>Top 10 Sensory Things I ❤ this Spring

I don’t know about you but to me the best products call to more than just the visual sense – smell, feel, taste…

Here are my current top 10 sensory things I ❤:

1. SEN CHA – Green Tea Mints, Moroccan Mint & Bombay Chai

Holland and Barrett Mints - March 15Holland & Barrett – £2.99 per tin of mints

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I’m not usually a fan of mints, but these are simply adorably shaped and delicious… and like any good product they do exactly what’s on the tin!


2. Twinings – Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Twinings - Lavender Earl Grey Tea - March 15Twinings – £2.49 per 20 sachets

My absolute favourite tea (yes I’m slightly obsessed with tea…). I have it every day… I felt so sad when my local Tesco stopped selling those and I had to start ordering them online and therefore reduce my consumption because… I guess it’s important to be reasonable. (Some things though…)


3. 1837 TGW Tea – Geisha Blossom & Tea Party Teas

TWG - Geisha Blossom and Tea Party Teas - March 151837 TWG Tea – $40.00 per tin unless you can snatch it at the airport (I paid €17.00)

A new discovery in fine tea… with amazing style of packaging, smell and of course taste. It’s strength lies in how evocative the total product is. It looks, smells and tastes exactly as it should, bringing up vivid emotion. I’m currently indulging in the Geisha Blossom Tea, a …

4. Dior – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Dior - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet - March 15Dior website – £71.10 at Escentual but I purchased mine at the airport (£58.00 I think?).

I’ve usually gone for the normal Miss Dior as my staple perfume, but this one is perfect to welcome Spring! The Dior description of it as a sparkling floral is actually spot on… Do indulge.



5. Louche – Hansa Jacket

Louche Hansa Jacket - March 15John Lewis – £69.00

Not sure what the 1 review on the JL site is on about… I saw it in the flesh and it is gorgeous. Feels very nice and I don’t tend to stuff my jacket pockets or even use them as you then get a bulge. Visually the jacket’s floral pattern is elegant, the texture is lovely and it really just works.


6. Jo Malone – Green Tomato Leaf Candle

Jo Malone Green Leaf Tomato Candle - March 15Jo Malone– £40.00 (or £30.00 something at the airport…)

Oh what a delight on the senses! Light it up and feel like you are in a fragrant garden. It’s fresh and ‘pure’ and may inspire you to cook just about anything in your pantry.

Completely a treat as it’s a bit on the high side for a candle… but I’m a sucker for candles and soap, and you have to treat yourself sometimes…

7. PyroPet Candles – Bíbí & Kisa

Pyropet Bibi and Kisa - March 15Pyropet – $16.00

You may well have heard about these from when the cat candle was first on Kickstarter? Pyropet are now launching a bird version and I look forward to it.

Part of the treat is also just watching their intro video – I love it!

9. Crabtree & Evelyn – Gardeners Hand Therapy

Crabtree and Evelyn - Gardeners Hand Therapy - March 15Crabtree & Evelyn – £20.00 (250 ml)

I don’t garden as much as I’d like to, but you need no excuses to use this. Smells fresh, and feels incredible. Leaves your hands smooth and happy.

Fragrance: Fresh green clover, lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme.



10. L’Occitane – Precious Cleansing Foam

LOccitane - Precious Cleansing Foam - March 15L’Occitane – £19.00 (150 ml)

A heavenly face cleanser can seem impossible to find. Search no more, L’Occitane have the formula. No better way for me to start the day and end it. Sensory refreshment, and a divine mousse. Yes – Please!

It’s Spring-Time! Let’s celebrate with an ultimate sensation of freshness!


Bonus: Sakura – App for MAC

Sakura – STUDIO-KURAApp Sakura - March 15 – Free!

Turn your computer screen into a spring fest and feel like you are sipping sake under the sakura, with cherry tree petals falling while you go about your Internet life. Imagine what I’m seeing right now!

[Experience Hanami]

What are your favourites this spring?

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