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Live in the Sunshine - CloudedDottedMind.comIn my search to lead an Inspired Lifestyle, I first turned to external inspiration, and that is, mostly, people other than myself.

I wallowed in my findings, I felt admiration for strangers who had, seemingly, risen above the odds and followed their dreams undeterred.

I collected other people’s stories.

Before I knew it I had no stories of my own. Nothing to show for my time. Not even an inkling of the direction it was that I, me, Mathilde, wanted to go to live my very own inspired life.

I was lost at sea, looking for my shore, unable to see anything but the vast ocean of other people’s combined lives and achievements, itself forming a splendid, uniform, and overwhelming perspective.

I could not see a way to be me. I did not even know where to start anymore. I grew scared that I was no longer me but that collective of others. 

Oh, how dangerous it is to compare yourself… isn’t it?

So today I’m trying to ask that we be ourselves (original – I know, but bear with me).

Let me ask that we look at the vastness of our lives, and recognise that we can only see as far as we can understand, and that we understand nothing more than that until we reach farther into what we already see.

The most important thing I have learned, actually, is that while attaining a greater sense of self is the key to seeing the opportunities that are presented to you, a nimble spirit enables you to create opportunities that are yours only and capture them.

See, your opportunities are buds that are yet to bloom. You cannot know what flower they will become. You need to nourish them first.

To be nimble is to be quick, clever and acute. A nimble spirit is one who enjoys learning, keeps an open and positive mindset and says yes when the opportunities present themselves. It is a caring spirit that nourishes themselves, their surroundings and their opportunities.

This saying is funny isn’t it…opportunities that “present themselves“? Opportunities are not for the passive, they are for those who seek them out, open their eyes and grab them.

If it is good for you, and represents your values, then don’t wait, do it. Challenge yourself. Follow your inspiration when it strikes.

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It fleets about for an instant, and if you are lucky for a few hours or a few days. If it is not nourished it will die like a flame.

If you are not careful it will burn you, but if you never follow your inspiration you will find it increasingly difficult, over time, to re-kindle it.

You can never know where that will lead you, and that’s the whole point so don’t be scared – once you start to take on these opportunities you will see more. You will see farther. You do not need to be ready. You need to be willing.

You will gain a greater knowledge of who you are in this world, and what you want to represent. Little by little you will find purpose, and define your opinions so that you never doubt them or your feelings unecessarily.

This is what I call Nimble Spirit Inspiration. This is how I want to grow. This is the path I have chosen.

#BeNimbleSpirited & #LiveInspired

What path will you choose? How do you capture inspiration in your life? – Get talking, Let me know!

Much love,

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