My 20 Favourite Moments

>My 20 Favourite Moments

I’m a sucker for the girly lists – aren’t we all!- and…what’s better to infuse (I love this word) inspirational thoughts and spark positivity …than sharing favourite things!

I’m sure you have all heard this:

Live in the moment

Therefore today I want to share my favourite moments, those split second feelings of pure beauty and plenitude. The ones that are so exactly just right that they send a little quiver down your spine, make you cry for joy or laugh, or sing or dance, or even propel you – consciously or not – to do more of what it is that gave you such a feeling of happiness.

They are the happiness we forget easily because they are a split second rush when we tend to perceive pain and routine as longer lasting and inherently focus on these, forever throwing band aids where it hurts.

I feel that moments are a thoroughly under recognised form of happiness, a powerful reminder of our natural ability to seek a better life, and in the spirit of seeking to Live Inspired I wish to recognised them.

Without further ado ~

Audrey Hepburn | Clouded Dotted Mind

Audrey Hepburn

Here’s a list of my top 20 favourite moments:

  1. First waking up after an amazing dream and starting your day with excitement.
  2. When someone you love tells you that they love you too.
    Spirited Away | Clouded Dotted Mind

    Spirited Away – Studio Ghibli: A stunning animated movie.

  3. When you realise you belong somewhere.
  4. Any form of tiny or baby animal doing something silly or cute. I call these moments cute attacks and am thankful for my two kitties delivering daily doses.
  5. When I saw that video saying that rats laugh when tickled.
  6. Catching sight of a rainbow. Works every time for me. The best one ever was when we were driving while it rained, then it stopped and as I looked into the side mirror I saw one from the back of our car = real life Nyan-Car!!
  7. Finding a random nice written note or message in your pocket or on the fridge etc which you never expected.
  8. Discovering a new work of art, looking at it and staring in wonder. That’s when you realise that some moments can last longer, and that it is possible for you to evoke feelings thoughtfully.
  9. Looking at a happy photo, and for a moment feeling all the good feelings from the day it was taken.
  10. A rare instant of complete peace and clarity, when you know what to do and how. Especially powerful if you find a way to jot down the thoughts so you remember them.Sunshine | Clouded Dotted Mind
  11. Those moments when light breaches through and hits you with warmth.
  12. When you listen to someone and realise you fully empathise with them, and feel a greater connection because of it.
  13. The moment that you become 100% honest with yourself and feel a weight lift off your shoulders.
  14. The moment you start acting on realising your dream – full speed ahead and without looking back.
  15. The moment an idea hits you, and you start wondering where it could lead you.
  16. When you have just finished something you poured yourself into, and feel a deep sense of accomplishment.
  17. When you find someone whom you appreciate and are struck with the realisation that they will be a positive influence in your life, a nurturing relationship.
  18. Last time I completed a Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs session of Shaun T’s Insanity program – I recently learned of the new shorter version and can’t wait to try it. It was a Friday and though I felt shattered, the feeling of adrenaline is engrained in my brain now.
  19. Stopping by the side of the road and picking a flower. I know this sounds mopy. But seriously, people never do this anymore. I always did this as a child, I would go to great lengths for raspberries, despite the prickly bushes. The feeling of picking up something so beautiful and fresh, and the smell. Enough said…
  20. Trying out new clothes and achieving both comfort and style. It does exist… it is rare, but it exists…

Ok, so those were the 20 that really sprung to mind from recent events in my life. I’m sure I’ve forgotten over 80%…

By the way if you want a full set of opportunities for appreciating moments on-demand (which is extremely rare) I strongly advise watching the following movie : Amelie. This movie achieves this feat extraordinarily well. It’s an emotional and sensory overload, mixed with deep humanism.

Now, while I appreciate the moments, I’m always looking for ways to remember them. They feel so akin to dreams, which fleet away from your memory the moment you open your eyes. Apparently it is good practice to write down your dreams while you remember them, in a journal or otherwise. Seems a sound idea to do the same for this, and enable yourself to replay these moments when you need to balance out the bad ones.

Afterall, you may use a pain management tool to record levels of pain for chronic illness / injuries… a similar system would work wonders for joyful moments. There is, truly, no one better than yourself to remind you of what makes you happy.

I’m experimenting on this one… but the proof is in the pudding. I don’t know a single person who will look at a great photo they took on a fantastic holiday, and won’t instinctively remember what they felt while they were posing / taking the photo.

What moments of joy can you recall? How do you make sure that you remember them?

Much love & until the next post.

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