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So, you’ve ended up on this funny looking page while browsing Clouded Dotted Mind and may be wondering what it’s all about…

Terms of Use

In accessing and reading the content published on this site you acknowledge that you do so of your own free will.

I am responsible for the content I publish here and the views expressed are, at the end of the day, that of a human. I may be wrong about some things, say something which is then misinterpreted or want to change my mind from time to time.

Even though I aim to publish the highest quality content I can on this blog, and aim to convey accurate information, I know I can make mistakes, or that the validity of the information published can change over time and I need to protect myself in order to safeguard my authenticity. Publishing this disclaimer holds me harmless from prosecution.

If you disagree with something published on the blog this will be your opinion. You do not have to agree with me.

If you feel I have made a mistake somewhere please let me know and if I agree I’ll happily rectify it, and apologise if it is warranted.

As per the above stated human nature, please note that I reserve the right to change the terms of this disclaimer for CloudedDottedMind.com at any time.

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise stated, I (Mathilde from Clouded Dotted Mind) am the legal copyright holder of all material published on CloudedDottedMind.com and it may not be used, reprinted, modified or published in whole or in part without my written consent. Please link back!

Any guest posts and contributions will be clearly announced and the content of such posts & contributions are the legal responsibility of the author him or herself.

Hold Harmless

First of all, I am extremely thankful for your involvement in my journey on this blog, and I value the impact of  the opinions I publish. Please understand that I publish opinions and aim to simply express myself as a fellow human. I aim to inspire and entertain, however I am not providing any medical, legal, or otherwise professional advice or service.

Any information adopted from this website is at your own risk.

Your interpretation of the information provided is entirely subjective to you, and I may not be held responsible for this either.

Privacy Statement

I will never sell any personal or contact information you share with me. I will also never send it to spam lists.

Please find my full Privacy Policy here.

Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, shut it down, sell it, or change the terms of use at my own discretion, with or without advance notice.

Advertisers & Sponsors

I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. If you purchase a product or service based upon a link from my website, you must take action with that company to resolve any issues, not Clouded Dotted Mind.

Concerning sponsored content:

From time to time I may review products or businesses (restaurants, shops…) for which I am sponsored. I can promise you that I will only ever favourably review something which I genuinely like or agree with. Sponsored content will be declared within the post itself. If I’ve reviewed something without being sponsored then that will be why there is no declaration on the post itself of my being sponsored.

Affiliation links:

If I am linking to a product or other item I mention in a post, but the post is not itself sponsored, I may sometimes use an affiliate link. What this means is if you then purchase this product, the fact that this website referred you will be tracked and I may receive a small commission for this referral.

This blog is PR friendly. If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Letters to the Editor

Feedback is wonderful and hugely appreciated. Any message you send me: letters, messages, social media communications and mentions or e-mails written directly to me or about me, unless you state that they are confidential, may be used by me in any of my publications (new posts, books, websites, used as testimonials…). If they are particularly wonderful words I may sing them while hopping in the streets.


Thank you very much for reading this blog and commenting on it, I hope it provides you great inspiration, entertainment and enjoyment.


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