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  • My Most Epic Mistake - CloudedDottedMind.com

My most epic mistake. Are you doing this too?

November 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Hello m'dears, Today 's is a long post. You know these times when you get a nagging negative feeling you made some epic mistake and you just can't shake it off? I've had a lot of [...]

  • The Rhubard Cooler - CloudedDottedMind.com

The Rhubarb Cooler

July 25th, 2015|0 Comments

Hello Stranger, I don't know how things are your end, but the weather around here has been a little bit everywhere and I've ended up catching a pretty crushing cold. My throat got so bad I [...]

  • Give Yourself a Break - CloudedDottedMind.com

10 ways you can give yourself a break

May 25th, 2015|0 Comments

Sometimes we make our lives more difficult than necessary by over thinking things and overwhelming our minds with noise. I have to admit I have done this a lot lately and found it very hard [...]

  • Don't be a victim, be your hero - CloudedDottedMind.com

Don’t be a victim, Be Your own Hero!

May 20th, 2015|0 Comments

It's so easy to fall prey to our woes and sorrows and get lost, wishing for a hero. It happens because pain is overwhelming and personal. Today I want to tell you that it is ok, [...]

  • Tipsy Elderflower Smoothie - CloudedDottedMind.com

Tipsy Elderflower Smoothie

May 16th, 2015|4 Comments

I don't drink much but every once in a while when there's a great atmosphere, good food, sunshine and high quality stuff, I don't mind. Plus it's the perfect occasion as I am celebrating my [...]

  • Your words are like potions. Choose carefully. - CloudedDottedMind.com

Your words are like potions. Choose yours carefully.

May 7th, 2015|5 Comments

Did you know that words are like little potions? They come in all sorts of shapes, bottled up in cultural and personal meaning, changing  hue  and effect depending on the person you are speaking [...]

  • Afternoon Tea at Le Vallois Cafe, Paris - CloudedDottedMind.com

Afternoon Tea at Le Valois Cafe, Paris

May 2nd, 2015|2 Comments

I love a random find while out exploring a neighbourhood. After a walk in the lovely Parc Monceau, Paris (8th Arrdt of Paris) at Easter we were looking for a nice cup of tea and [...]

  • Blog Introduction and purpose - CloudedDottedMind.com

Blog Introduction and Purpose

April 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Hello to you! I'm so glad you have stumbled upon Clouded Dotted Mind. A little selfie 🙂 Let's do this properly. My name is Mathilde, and I'd really love to learn more about [...]

  • Dog Sledding in Canada - CloudedDottedMind.com

Dog Sledding in Canada

April 27th, 2015|0 Comments

Don't I look ready for dog sledding?I WASN'T! One thing I'd always wanted to do was dog sledding. Dog sledding!! I finally got the chance Christmas before last in Canada when we went to [...]

  • Did I get the wrong end of New York? - CloudedDottedMind.com

Did I get the wrong end of New York?

April 25th, 2015|2 Comments

So... I'll come right out with my confession: I went to New York City for two days and didn't actually enjoy the place very much.  Let me tell you why and if you have been to New [...]

  • Nimble Spirit Inspiration - CloudedDottedMind.com

Nimble Spirit Inspiration

April 21st, 2015|0 Comments

In my search to lead an Inspired Lifestyle, I first turned to external inspiration, and that is, mostly, people other than myself. I wallowed in my findings, I felt admiration for strangers who had, seemingly, [...]

  • How to Master the Art of the Lunch Break - CloudedDottedMind.com

How You can Master the Art of the Lunch Break – French style

April 18th, 2015|6 Comments

I am sat by a bay window, writing while admiring the vast amount of green I'm lucky to see from my work canteen, and looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. I am fully aware that before I [...]